Shannon Graham Life Coach SCAM-SHAM

New York, New York 1 comment

I am posting on Pissed Consumer to report the negligent services of Life Coach Shannon Graham.

I found this person online to help me sort out some difficult things I was experiencing in my life. Shannon made my troubles worse and in the process took thousands of my hard earned money.

I found dozens of buried scam reports on him, and would like to add my voice to the many.

Stay away from Shannon Graham, he is a fraud who uses vulnerable people.

He had no training or degree in social work or mental health but he was dealing with my life like he did. He is such a *** I can't stand it.


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada #1194243

I'm adding my voice too. He is a slimy business man who has no place in the service industry.

Shannon Graham / Shannon Graham Life Coaching

Dallas, Texas 1 comment
Not resolved

I'd like to lodge a complaint vs.Shannon Graham.

I cut off services with this online scammer and he has continued to call to harass me months after I ended our sessions. He calls to "check up" and asked me to hang out "as friends" all to try to get me to pay him again for his inept counseling. This man is just after money and was unqualified and unprofessional. It is not professional to ask your clients to hang out with you as friends.

Sorry.This young man is a fraud and if you do your research online it is apparent many others have fallen victim.

Review about: Shannon Graham Life Coach.



I had a similar experience with this despicable fake coach.I didnt get one cent of my money back.

Shannon Graham is the worst kind of person there is, he exploits the weak and vulnerable for money.Brainwashes people.Sicko.

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